So much to do

Yhea babe, I know I'm in my pj's.

In order:
Fill in rest of application (for Design academy)
Drop of application
Study Chemistry
Study Chemistry
Watch TV/Computer
Study Chemistry

That's probably going to be my day.


Well here it is

Two necklaces,
Two scarves
And one headband.

All of them combined are a customizable bag.
The bag can be both purple and black.
By rearranging the scarfs when you lace the necklace trough the holes.
Made by me.


I miss my babe

I just learned the pon chaka.


Woops I forgot

To post what I was wearing today

Snap, took a picture.
Well the skirt is from H&M
Necklace is that necklace/baghandle I mentioned in the previous post.
Hope you enjoy it haha

Time for bed now.
Sleep well all.

hmmm.... I'm craving for some Dr. pepper.

photographing the family

I am going to apply for the design academy in Eindhoven.
Taking pictures of all.
Am also working on a bag wich is consist of a scarf, hairthing, and necklaces.
When it's done you'll be seeing it too.

The pluches, are the family.
Part of, Totoro is missing, and so is Mon, but he is in a previous post.

p.s. clicking the pictures enlarges.

Inspired by my boyfriend.
And his hair.

Full: Ichimaru
Designed mostly by my babe
And my help.

My one eyed, ear bite, tail swipe buddy.
Smirks all the time.

Something I did ages ago.
Inspired by Bleach haha.

Didn't plan to make this.
Just happend to be in the right place.


With no Berlin wall what the hell you gonna do.

Yeah Yeah we can all grab at the chance and be handsome farmers,
Yeah you can have twenty one sons and be blood when they marry my daughters,
And the pain that we left at the station will stay in a jar behind us.
We can pickle the pain into blue ribbon winners at county contests.

yeasayer - 2080


Animal collective

Lion in a coma. Lion in a coma.
Yesterday me and my boyfriend went to Animal Collective.
Good show. Nice space-y sounds, and beats. bliep bleip.
Tough sometimes the intro's were too long and repeatative.

Well this is what I wore:


And I am small

Very small pluche.
Foot is there for the size.
He's getting a brother and a mother too.

His name is mon.


What's it with apples

Diddelydoo with an apple.
Didn't turn out the way I wanted.
Well apples are a cliche, wanted to try something with it tough.
Didn't work, this came out of it.
p.s. I actually die if I eat an apple.

Decided to stay home one more day. Haven't been sleeping well.



My troath hurts like hell.

This is me by the way. Not diggin' this picture that much.


First post

So this is my first post.
I'll see how this blog will turn out.
Let my old one die, so I'm giving it a fresh shot.
I'll talk about whatever here, you'll just have to see.

I took the photograph on the right on my way back home. Was in Amsterdam at my boyfriends this weekend. The trip back was so long, but that's ok. I got this picture out of it!