Not everyone lives in the U.S.A.

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Hello all of you,
Have I told you yet that I passed my first quarter
(kwartaal wat is dat in het engels)?
Well I have wohoow!

Got a new coat too..
Haven't found the time to photograph it yet..
Shall do soon.

Today me and two classmates did a house analysis.
It was very amusing! We had to go to a random house.
So we rang the doorbell of 5 different houses.
3 didn't even open (while being home). 1 refused to let us in.
Eventually an old couple invited us in to do the analysis.
They where the sweetest people ever! The offered us coffee and 'pepernoten'.
Gave us a grand tour, and told us practically they're whole life story!
It was a pretty weird but nice experience.
We promised them to come back with a book of the photo's as a thank you.
I'm more looking forward to that, than the actual presentation of the analysis!