I think of you in colours that don't exist.

Yes I do.
I love him to the tip of my toes.

You'll have to click on it to see it sharper/better/whole.


Under the Bridge

Link to lookbook: here.

No time for talking!
Pictures speak for themself.



Link to lookbook: here

Holiday with bad weather leads do shopping and wearing black.
Also leads to:

Me and my boy are in Heiloo,
wanting to swim a bit in the dutch sea.
Did one day, and one day only.
Hope tomorrow the weather will be on our side!

B.t.w. I found a room in Eindhoven!

Going to help cook,
bye x

p.s. Sorry for the lack of blogging.
It's due to vacation and all.



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I forgot to tell that I got a remote from my boy.
So from now on I will have sharp photographs!

Tonight is my graduation thing.
I think I will just wear this, don't know if it's casual or what ever...


Cherry allergy

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My boyfriend doesn't want to write here.

I haven't been posting lately since the lack of a camera.
Yes, it broke (partly, really weird).
And yes it sucks.

Holidays are to blame also.
To much to do in too little time.

That headthing (the white, flowery one) is made by me.
Really simple tough.

Well I'm off again now,
will give my babe a hug.
And go to freefunk tonight.

bye, x.
Timo: 'that's all folks!'