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The day before yesterday.
Those rollerskates were very ugly before.
Better now but the seems ripped.
Stupid miscalculation.



Another home assignment I made for Eindhoven.

It's a mobile.
The distinct composition of the birthmarks on my back are the inspiration.
The beads represent the birthmarks anc create balans.
The colours I used represent my body colours (eyes, skin, birthmarks, hair).

Click for fullview.


Internet fucks up colours.

But we are hangin' in there.

Solid Soul

Trains aren't riding so my babe is still here =]
Got to study now.

oh, how I love these tights.


I would definitely recognize his face.

Shirt: vintage
Skirt: american apperal
Tights: H&M
Shoes: vintage
Necklace: designtorget
Hairflower: briggite bordeaux (or something)

When I was taking these pictures.
(I mostly do it in the living room, better lighting.)
Some dude walked by the window, and photographed/filmed me.
Twice! He went and ten minuts later he came back.
At first I was a bit starteled, and didn't quite grasp the idea of some random dude photographing/filming me, I thought I was mistaking.
The second time I was damn sure I wasn't.
I stepped outside and yelled. 'Yo dude, what the fuck?!'.
He just walked on fast.
I then stood about half an hour in front of the window, with my camera all set up
waiting for the dude to show his face. Sadly he didn't walk by no more.
If he would his picture would have gone straight to the police.
Fucking wuss.

Well I called my mom about it, she works at the police.
She reported it, so he is in the system. Police just came by too.
To bad he didn't have any distinctif clothing, or something.
But I would definitely recognize his face.



Didn't post anything lately, sorry.
Have exams.
Had Dutch and Maths already.
I think I did ok. I hope so...

I made a simple headband yesterday.
My head didn't agree to a proper picture,
so this is all you'll see.

Will take a better picture some other day.
If I I'm up to it ;)


I like the smell of henna

Still have to remove th henna itself, so the colour shows.
I think it's prettyer with the henna on, it's way darker.
But well.

Edit: I took the henna of, and
seriously, nothing is left,
my skin tone is just a tiny bit darker.


The brave little toaster.

Today me and my mom went to the flea market.
A huge one! It was outside in a nature area.
And it was hot hot hot!
I bought some stuff too,
Roller skates! for 2 euro's.
The look kind of gross, but I'm customizing them.
Will post them when they're finished..
A pair of sunglasses for 50 cents =D
Here they are:

My nose looks kind of weird in that one.
But I love them,
I'm a sunglass adict.

See you when I see you.


Have spent the most of the last week of vacation with timo in Amsterdam.
Studying mostly, since exams are coming up.
Traveling trains with the heaviest bag ever.
My back is crooked.

Bought some new clothes too, finally.
2 shirt/small dresses & one mini skirt.
Wooptidoo! The shirt in the picture is one of them.
It has a very low back. Which I love.
I'll take a decent picture of it all soon ;)

Seen Beirut, Laura Marling and Andrew Bird too.
Beirut was just awesome, although we had some trouble with a ticket.
To bad we missed nantes.
Laura Marling seemed to have a bad night or something.
She looked as if something terrible had just happened.
Or she was just insecure, majorly.
Her voice still sounded lovely though.
And Andrew Bird is genius.
He can play a violin and sing in the exact same tone.
He can tap on the xylophone and whistle in the exact same tone.
Also, there was this weird, double megaphone thing behind him,
which spinned, fast and slow. It made some surprisingly nice sounds.

One other AWESOME-O thing. I got an Ibook G4!
From my boy's boss. What an epic boss he has!

That was all,
Goodnight folks!
-wrote this last night but couldn't get it online-


Hell is for Heroes

Finally started on my mobile yesterday,
Now all left to do is hanging the weights for the balance.
Wieneke is coming here in a bit, and we will drive to the fisherman shop.
Yhea drive HA! (yhea fisherman shop)

I stand corrected,
Captain arrest me