I would definitely recognize his face.

Shirt: vintage
Skirt: american apperal
Tights: H&M
Shoes: vintage
Necklace: designtorget
Hairflower: briggite bordeaux (or something)

When I was taking these pictures.
(I mostly do it in the living room, better lighting.)
Some dude walked by the window, and photographed/filmed me.
Twice! He went and ten minuts later he came back.
At first I was a bit starteled, and didn't quite grasp the idea of some random dude photographing/filming me, I thought I was mistaking.
The second time I was damn sure I wasn't.
I stepped outside and yelled. 'Yo dude, what the fuck?!'.
He just walked on fast.
I then stood about half an hour in front of the window, with my camera all set up
waiting for the dude to show his face. Sadly he didn't walk by no more.
If he would his picture would have gone straight to the police.
Fucking wuss.

Well I called my mom about it, she works at the police.
She reported it, so he is in the system. Police just came by too.
To bad he didn't have any distinctif clothing, or something.
But I would definitely recognize his face.


  1. Amai eng! Hopelijk komt hij niet meer terug, ik zou echt schrik hebben!

  2. da's echt zo eng he o_o ik heb ook een paar mannen in mijn omgeving die behoorlijk creepy zijn maar in ieder geval weet ik wie zij zijn. dit heeft iets minder houvast.. succes meid!

  3. wow. dat is echt raar :|

  4. Die ketting! dope!
    x, www.fashion-nerdic.blogspot.com