Not everyone lives in the U.S.A.

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Hello all of you,
Have I told you yet that I passed my first quarter
(kwartaal wat is dat in het engels)?
Well I have wohoow!

Got a new coat too..
Haven't found the time to photograph it yet..
Shall do soon.

Today me and two classmates did a house analysis.
It was very amusing! We had to go to a random house.
So we rang the doorbell of 5 different houses.
3 didn't even open (while being home). 1 refused to let us in.
Eventually an old couple invited us in to do the analysis.
They where the sweetest people ever! The offered us coffee and 'pepernoten'.
Gave us a grand tour, and told us practically they're whole life story!
It was a pretty weird but nice experience.
We promised them to come back with a book of the photo's as a thank you.
I'm more looking forward to that, than the actual presentation of the analysis!


Don't think I ever posted this picture

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Came across it while looking for a self portrait to paint.
I haven't posted this on my blog before, have I?
Ah well, I still like it, so I thought I might put it up.
Haven't got any new anyway, way to busy haha.

So now, I'll be off painting *ugh, bleh, bloe, blaaahh* again.


Nog steeds grijs.

'Nog stees grijs' means still grey.
Another school assignment.
We had to make all kinds of stuff from textiles.
In the end, a not very pleasant surprise,
we had to cut them up and make something new of it.
So this is my 'thing'. It's a cut tree trunk.
You get the idea, growing, the lines, etc.
I choose the title 'Nog steeds grijs' since, I am still grey.
Myself, neither my work or the city I live in are finished.

After thinking of the title we had to take a photograph with that ambience.
This is what came out. I guess I'm pretty satisfied.
What do you think, does it suit the title?



Just some school assignment gone wild with Mon & Buie.
Welcome to the shack.


Wait for Wintertime

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If the photograph looks weird tell me.
The colors of this screen are different than other ones, somehow.
Ow and can you see it on lookbook, cause I can't either. Stupid computer & internet.

And now I'm back to school(work)


Where is Kayleigh?

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Yhea where have I been...
I've moved to Eindhoven.
I love my room, it's still a big big mess tough.
All stuff that still has to find it's place laying around everywhere.

School started too, and I haven't had a day of rest yet.
Exept for today, I'm slacking really.
I should be working now, instead I'm enjoying the internet and watching tv.
I haven't got any internet or tv yet in Eindhoven.
Needed this day of doing nothing very much.

I like it very much anyway, school that is.
Altough I sometimes feel like I don't have the time to breath, it's great

Well I guess I will start 'studying' again (claying, sewing, drawing).
I should.



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I got my OV today.
It's a card for Dutch students so they can travel free.
To bad I can't use it till September....



I have this wierd sensation in my right index finger....



My boyfriend and me made a short movie today.
I think it turned out well, but off course, we could've done better.

Barefoot from Kayleigh S.


Coffee milkshake for breakfast, honey bread for lunch.

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Ugh, me no like this photograph it's oaenfxc
But those are a pair of new shoes I got.
Got some simple grey ones too.
Finally some new shoes haha.


Neglected Nails

Awesome ring eh!
It's a candy ring from a cute little store named papabubble.
It's too bad they have a horrible site.
It tasted yum too!

This weekend in Amsterdam was busy.
We painted timo's new appartment -hence the white paint on my hands-.
Painting is all done now, wich is awesome.
I bought fabric for the 'geek' assignment.
Will start on that tonight/tomorrow.
And we went to 'pluk de nacht'. An open air film festival.
Pretty nice, setting was sweet, beach chairs and other sit-things everywhere.
A bit a hippie feel in an urban enviroment.
One short movie stood out, it's names 'Zand' wich means sand.
Breathtaking really. Watch it!


Rising Risising, falling down.

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So, well I got tagged, again.
This time I got tagged by Sam, from dailyfashionboost.blogspot.com.
She's got some great style so make sure to take a look!

Last time I didn't do anything with it cause I suck in thinking of 10 random facts about me.
But ah well, here it goes.

1. I have a thing for doing everything last minute. Same as right now, I have to pack my bags to go to my babe again, still didn't do it and I have about half an hour left to do so.
2. I make lists, but I never do anything I put on them. If I do not make a list, I mostly do it sooner. Though I still make em.
3. I am born in december 1989. I think it's great, since I'm not a 90-er.
4. My hair has been every colour you can think of. If some of you guys are interested in it. I could look up some photographs.
5. I have times when I am pretty damn insecure. When I have to stand in front of a group of people and do a presentation or so, I have to choke my tears back, or burst in them.
6. I have a real problem with myself starting senctences with 'I'. I (damn) absolutely loath it, but mostly don't know how to reorganize the sentence to make it sound good without the I-bussiness.
7. I have started several books, but never finished one of them. They mostly don't even reach the end of chapter 1.
8. I want to be liked by everyone. Not as in being popular. But if someone thinks I'm mean or something I hate it, and want to change it. I want to be the best I can be.
9. I can listen to the same music for ages, and not be annoyed. As long as it's good music offcourse.
10. Last, but certainly not least. I would be a bunch of stepped on poo if I didn't have my babe. He accepts, help, assures, encourages, loves me and all of the other things I can't think of in random moments like these. He's such a cute boy, with his scare for me falling in love with some random dude I'll meet during college. That'll never happen. I love the fact that we can and do talk about everything (even if sometimes I have to drag it out of him).

Now let's see who I will tag.....
I'll go for Anouk from l-e-m-o-n-i-z-e.blogspot.com. She is a very creative girl who studies fashion at the HKU.

Now I'm off to pack my bags in 14 min. Never gonna work.
Have fun this weekend!


Buie is a geek too

Buie (Kazooie)
Another little addition to the family.
I was going to give him a mum, but then I got an e-mail from the DAE.

Assignment for the intro.
Design two customes, one to be active, and one to stand out in.
The thema I got is 'Geek'!
Lots of things to do with that!
So I started designing one, wich I think is ready for the making.
Will show the design later this week I guess.
I hope it will turn out good!
Wish me luck.


I think of you in colours that don't exist.

Yes I do.
I love him to the tip of my toes.

You'll have to click on it to see it sharper/better/whole.


Under the Bridge

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No time for talking!
Pictures speak for themself.



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Holiday with bad weather leads do shopping and wearing black.
Also leads to:

Me and my boy are in Heiloo,
wanting to swim a bit in the dutch sea.
Did one day, and one day only.
Hope tomorrow the weather will be on our side!

B.t.w. I found a room in Eindhoven!

Going to help cook,
bye x

p.s. Sorry for the lack of blogging.
It's due to vacation and all.



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I forgot to tell that I got a remote from my boy.
So from now on I will have sharp photographs!

Tonight is my graduation thing.
I think I will just wear this, don't know if it's casual or what ever...


Cherry allergy

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My boyfriend doesn't want to write here.

I haven't been posting lately since the lack of a camera.
Yes, it broke (partly, really weird).
And yes it sucks.

Holidays are to blame also.
To much to do in too little time.

That headthing (the white, flowery one) is made by me.
Really simple tough.

Well I'm off again now,
will give my babe a hug.
And go to freefunk tonight.

bye, x.
Timo: 'that's all folks!'


Control yourself, take only what you need from me.

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I've graduated from high school!
Finally have.
I didn't do bad at all with my exams either.
So after those 7 years of 'glory days'.
(well not at all, I absolutely hate/hated it)
I'm done, and ready to start a new chapter.
Design academy here I come!

to bad I don't have a prom tough.

My dad gave me the most perfect present for my graduation!
A nikon D90! I couln't be more happy,
I thought graduating itself was a present already.
Took some photographs with my babe this weekend,
but due to some weird computer error half of them were deleted!

Got alot to do this week, I should:
  • Get a job.
  • Find a place to live.
  • Do all that crap with 'IB-groep'.
  • Send in some stuff for DAE.
  • Finish that headband for Maaike.
  • Look for all my books.
  • Cleaning the study.
  • Go to the 'drivers license school'.
  • Maybe start on a pluchie for Albert.
  • Maybe some other stuff that I can't think of right now.


Diddy kong frustrates my boyfriend.

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p.s. I have a new favicon,
(that thing where that orange B normally is)



My babe, timo, is looking for a home.
He will be homeless at the end of july.
He is looking for an appartment, studio or a room in Amsterdam or Utrecht.
If you know something leave me a comment or mail him at:

Thanks if you will.


I hear his voice sometimes, when I've been dreaming.

Click for full view please.

When you get older, and I do.
You realize you're not so special after all.
You're aging just like everyone else
and eventually even I, will die.


I Got In!!!

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I got in! I got in! I got in!!!

I got in! I got in! I got in!!!
I got in! I got in! I got in!!!
I got in! I got in! I got in!!!
I got in! I got in! I got in!!!
I got in! I got in! I got in!!!

oh, into what?
Design academy.

I got in! I got in! I got in!!!
I got in! I got in! I got in!!!
I got in! I got in! I got in!!!
I got in! I got in! I got in!!!
I got in! I got in! I got in!!!
I got in! I got in! I got in!!!

p.s. Headband I made for the occasion:

Keep repeating I got in and then you realize how stupid it sounds... 'got'



I constantly find myself wanting to make headwear.

This one was born last week.
I love the peacock feather.
It has such beautifull colours.
I wan't quite satisfied with the result at the time.
Though, it's growing on me.

Last exam in about an hour, chemestry,
I truely hope I will rock it.

Tomorrow is my admission (if you call it that?) for the DAE.
Kind of nervous, more nervous then for chem haha.
Making a headband for that too, with beads.
Not sure if it will be finished by tomorrow.
Have to touch up some other things too,
Mon lost an eye, and my boyfriend (exadently)
ripped a conclusion from a headband of.

Well wish me luck!
Lots of....



link to this look on lookbook: Here

The day before yesterday.
Those rollerskates were very ugly before.
Better now but the seems ripped.
Stupid miscalculation.



Another home assignment I made for Eindhoven.

It's a mobile.
The distinct composition of the birthmarks on my back are the inspiration.
The beads represent the birthmarks anc create balans.
The colours I used represent my body colours (eyes, skin, birthmarks, hair).

Click for fullview.


Internet fucks up colours.

But we are hangin' in there.

Solid Soul

Trains aren't riding so my babe is still here =]
Got to study now.

oh, how I love these tights.


I would definitely recognize his face.

Shirt: vintage
Skirt: american apperal
Tights: H&M
Shoes: vintage
Necklace: designtorget
Hairflower: briggite bordeaux (or something)

When I was taking these pictures.
(I mostly do it in the living room, better lighting.)
Some dude walked by the window, and photographed/filmed me.
Twice! He went and ten minuts later he came back.
At first I was a bit starteled, and didn't quite grasp the idea of some random dude photographing/filming me, I thought I was mistaking.
The second time I was damn sure I wasn't.
I stepped outside and yelled. 'Yo dude, what the fuck?!'.
He just walked on fast.
I then stood about half an hour in front of the window, with my camera all set up
waiting for the dude to show his face. Sadly he didn't walk by no more.
If he would his picture would have gone straight to the police.
Fucking wuss.

Well I called my mom about it, she works at the police.
She reported it, so he is in the system. Police just came by too.
To bad he didn't have any distinctif clothing, or something.
But I would definitely recognize his face.



Didn't post anything lately, sorry.
Have exams.
Had Dutch and Maths already.
I think I did ok. I hope so...

I made a simple headband yesterday.
My head didn't agree to a proper picture,
so this is all you'll see.

Will take a better picture some other day.
If I I'm up to it ;)


I like the smell of henna

Still have to remove th henna itself, so the colour shows.
I think it's prettyer with the henna on, it's way darker.
But well.

Edit: I took the henna of, and
seriously, nothing is left,
my skin tone is just a tiny bit darker.


The brave little toaster.

Today me and my mom went to the flea market.
A huge one! It was outside in a nature area.
And it was hot hot hot!
I bought some stuff too,
Roller skates! for 2 euro's.
The look kind of gross, but I'm customizing them.
Will post them when they're finished..
A pair of sunglasses for 50 cents =D
Here they are:

My nose looks kind of weird in that one.
But I love them,
I'm a sunglass adict.

See you when I see you.


Have spent the most of the last week of vacation with timo in Amsterdam.
Studying mostly, since exams are coming up.
Traveling trains with the heaviest bag ever.
My back is crooked.

Bought some new clothes too, finally.
2 shirt/small dresses & one mini skirt.
Wooptidoo! The shirt in the picture is one of them.
It has a very low back. Which I love.
I'll take a decent picture of it all soon ;)

Seen Beirut, Laura Marling and Andrew Bird too.
Beirut was just awesome, although we had some trouble with a ticket.
To bad we missed nantes.
Laura Marling seemed to have a bad night or something.
She looked as if something terrible had just happened.
Or she was just insecure, majorly.
Her voice still sounded lovely though.
And Andrew Bird is genius.
He can play a violin and sing in the exact same tone.
He can tap on the xylophone and whistle in the exact same tone.
Also, there was this weird, double megaphone thing behind him,
which spinned, fast and slow. It made some surprisingly nice sounds.

One other AWESOME-O thing. I got an Ibook G4!
From my boy's boss. What an epic boss he has!

That was all,
Goodnight folks!
-wrote this last night but couldn't get it online-


Hell is for Heroes

Finally started on my mobile yesterday,
Now all left to do is hanging the weights for the balance.
Wieneke is coming here in a bit, and we will drive to the fisherman shop.
Yhea drive HA! (yhea fisherman shop)

I stand corrected,
Captain arrest me


Coffee time

& now I'm going to brush my teeth.



So, next week I am going to Beirut & Andrew Bird.
Found out today that Laura Marling is the supporting act.
Especially because me and my boyfriend tried, yes tried,
to see her once before. That time, on my behalf,
we ended up in the wrong town.


Hear say

Got to make the beads yesterday! yay.
But I think they are to light.
Think I'll buy some lead.

Going drinking with my classmates today,
and my physics teacher, should be fun.

Will miss my boy one day longer though =[


Look inside your tiny mind.

I made a necklace, and I'm not sure if I love it or hate it.
It turned out complety diffrent than I wanted to,
still have to figure out if that was a good thing.

Hope I can make some glass beads today,
off to it now. It's a schools workshop but I'm just gonna bump in haha.
Well I need to do an assignment soooo.
Wish me luck ;)


There isn't much to do about me.

T-shirt is from my boy again =]

Got a new banner, if you didn't notice yet.
What do you think of it?
yay or nay?


hello, this is japan, planet earth. Officer white speaking - this planet is very peaceful - over

Fuck you very very much.
(it is actually directed to some one)

Well what about it.
3 posts today, ridiculous!!
And really nothing to tell.

I have discovered a love for bapao,
eat it now!