Neglected Nails

Awesome ring eh!
It's a candy ring from a cute little store named papabubble.
It's too bad they have a horrible site.
It tasted yum too!

This weekend in Amsterdam was busy.
We painted timo's new appartment -hence the white paint on my hands-.
Painting is all done now, wich is awesome.
I bought fabric for the 'geek' assignment.
Will start on that tonight/tomorrow.
And we went to 'pluk de nacht'. An open air film festival.
Pretty nice, setting was sweet, beach chairs and other sit-things everywhere.
A bit a hippie feel in an urban enviroment.
One short movie stood out, it's names 'Zand' wich means sand.
Breathtaking really. Watch it!


  1. Nice ring :D

  2. Die site is echt slecht zeg. Zeker als je het vergelijkt met hun winkelinrichting en de rest van de identiteit (verpakking etc).

    Ik wil hem wel verbeteren, levenslange snoepjes supply.

  3. i love the ring, very curious and different

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