Rising Risising, falling down.

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So, well I got tagged, again.
This time I got tagged by Sam, from dailyfashionboost.blogspot.com.
She's got some great style so make sure to take a look!

Last time I didn't do anything with it cause I suck in thinking of 10 random facts about me.
But ah well, here it goes.

1. I have a thing for doing everything last minute. Same as right now, I have to pack my bags to go to my babe again, still didn't do it and I have about half an hour left to do so.
2. I make lists, but I never do anything I put on them. If I do not make a list, I mostly do it sooner. Though I still make em.
3. I am born in december 1989. I think it's great, since I'm not a 90-er.
4. My hair has been every colour you can think of. If some of you guys are interested in it. I could look up some photographs.
5. I have times when I am pretty damn insecure. When I have to stand in front of a group of people and do a presentation or so, I have to choke my tears back, or burst in them.
6. I have a real problem with myself starting senctences with 'I'. I (damn) absolutely loath it, but mostly don't know how to reorganize the sentence to make it sound good without the I-bussiness.
7. I have started several books, but never finished one of them. They mostly don't even reach the end of chapter 1.
8. I want to be liked by everyone. Not as in being popular. But if someone thinks I'm mean or something I hate it, and want to change it. I want to be the best I can be.
9. I can listen to the same music for ages, and not be annoyed. As long as it's good music offcourse.
10. Last, but certainly not least. I would be a bunch of stepped on poo if I didn't have my babe. He accepts, help, assures, encourages, loves me and all of the other things I can't think of in random moments like these. He's such a cute boy, with his scare for me falling in love with some random dude I'll meet during college. That'll never happen. I love the fact that we can and do talk about everything (even if sometimes I have to drag it out of him).

Now let's see who I will tag.....
I'll go for Anouk from l-e-m-o-n-i-z-e.blogspot.com. She is a very creative girl who studies fashion at the HKU.

Now I'm off to pack my bags in 14 min. Never gonna work.
Have fun this weekend!


  1. 4. My hair has been every colour you can think of. If some of you guys are interested in it. I could look up some photographs.

    I'd like to see it. :]

  2. thank you, darling.

    wanneer gaan wij weer meeten?:(


  3. I really love that vest!! Where did you get it? :O

  4. You have such fabulous hair. Love it!

    Cuuttte BLOG.

  5. Love this look, and your blog too :)