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I got my OV today.
It's a card for Dutch students so they can travel free.
To bad I can't use it till September....



I have this wierd sensation in my right index finger....



My boyfriend and me made a short movie today.
I think it turned out well, but off course, we could've done better.

Barefoot from Kayleigh S.


Coffee milkshake for breakfast, honey bread for lunch.

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Ugh, me no like this photograph it's oaenfxc
But those are a pair of new shoes I got.
Got some simple grey ones too.
Finally some new shoes haha.


Neglected Nails

Awesome ring eh!
It's a candy ring from a cute little store named papabubble.
It's too bad they have a horrible site.
It tasted yum too!

This weekend in Amsterdam was busy.
We painted timo's new appartment -hence the white paint on my hands-.
Painting is all done now, wich is awesome.
I bought fabric for the 'geek' assignment.
Will start on that tonight/tomorrow.
And we went to 'pluk de nacht'. An open air film festival.
Pretty nice, setting was sweet, beach chairs and other sit-things everywhere.
A bit a hippie feel in an urban enviroment.
One short movie stood out, it's names 'Zand' wich means sand.
Breathtaking really. Watch it!


Rising Risising, falling down.

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So, well I got tagged, again.
This time I got tagged by Sam, from dailyfashionboost.blogspot.com.
She's got some great style so make sure to take a look!

Last time I didn't do anything with it cause I suck in thinking of 10 random facts about me.
But ah well, here it goes.

1. I have a thing for doing everything last minute. Same as right now, I have to pack my bags to go to my babe again, still didn't do it and I have about half an hour left to do so.
2. I make lists, but I never do anything I put on them. If I do not make a list, I mostly do it sooner. Though I still make em.
3. I am born in december 1989. I think it's great, since I'm not a 90-er.
4. My hair has been every colour you can think of. If some of you guys are interested in it. I could look up some photographs.
5. I have times when I am pretty damn insecure. When I have to stand in front of a group of people and do a presentation or so, I have to choke my tears back, or burst in them.
6. I have a real problem with myself starting senctences with 'I'. I (damn) absolutely loath it, but mostly don't know how to reorganize the sentence to make it sound good without the I-bussiness.
7. I have started several books, but never finished one of them. They mostly don't even reach the end of chapter 1.
8. I want to be liked by everyone. Not as in being popular. But if someone thinks I'm mean or something I hate it, and want to change it. I want to be the best I can be.
9. I can listen to the same music for ages, and not be annoyed. As long as it's good music offcourse.
10. Last, but certainly not least. I would be a bunch of stepped on poo if I didn't have my babe. He accepts, help, assures, encourages, loves me and all of the other things I can't think of in random moments like these. He's such a cute boy, with his scare for me falling in love with some random dude I'll meet during college. That'll never happen. I love the fact that we can and do talk about everything (even if sometimes I have to drag it out of him).

Now let's see who I will tag.....
I'll go for Anouk from l-e-m-o-n-i-z-e.blogspot.com. She is a very creative girl who studies fashion at the HKU.

Now I'm off to pack my bags in 14 min. Never gonna work.
Have fun this weekend!


Buie is a geek too

Buie (Kazooie)
Another little addition to the family.
I was going to give him a mum, but then I got an e-mail from the DAE.

Assignment for the intro.
Design two customes, one to be active, and one to stand out in.
The thema I got is 'Geek'!
Lots of things to do with that!
So I started designing one, wich I think is ready for the making.
Will show the design later this week I guess.
I hope it will turn out good!
Wish me luck.