Milk or Sugar

Link to lookbook: here

Yay, finnaly got these awesome shoes!
And the coat I've been wanting to show you for ages.
Still love it, and still needs a proper picture.

Ow and I've been thinking to do a little Q&A.
So if you have any questions, comment.
I'll answer.
Not expecting to get many tough haha.

Have a nice evening!


Well, hello

Long time no see.

Quick update:
I made it through my last quarter of school!
Yay! The next one is supposed to be even busier.
So I'm sorry for not posting, but I'm way to busy.
Me and my babe are still together! For ages now.
I love it.
A new outfit post hehe.

Link to lookbook: here

Bought those shoes for just 5 euros.
Damn cheap.
They walk like shit and are one size to big.
But hey, they're pretty!
The bag came out of my moms bag's bin.
She has the largest old suitcase thing filled with all kinds of bags.
It never disappoints you.
Shirt/dress is an old one from H&M.
And well the tights, no clue.

Oh and well sorry for the crappy photograph,
not well equipped at my moms anymore haha

That's all folks.