Coffee time

& now I'm going to brush my teeth.



So, next week I am going to Beirut & Andrew Bird.
Found out today that Laura Marling is the supporting act.
Especially because me and my boyfriend tried, yes tried,
to see her once before. That time, on my behalf,
we ended up in the wrong town.


Hear say

Got to make the beads yesterday! yay.
But I think they are to light.
Think I'll buy some lead.

Going drinking with my classmates today,
and my physics teacher, should be fun.

Will miss my boy one day longer though =[


Look inside your tiny mind.

I made a necklace, and I'm not sure if I love it or hate it.
It turned out complety diffrent than I wanted to,
still have to figure out if that was a good thing.

Hope I can make some glass beads today,
off to it now. It's a schools workshop but I'm just gonna bump in haha.
Well I need to do an assignment soooo.
Wish me luck ;)


There isn't much to do about me.

T-shirt is from my boy again =]

Got a new banner, if you didn't notice yet.
What do you think of it?
yay or nay?


hello, this is japan, planet earth. Officer white speaking - this planet is very peaceful - over

Fuck you very very much.
(it is actually directed to some one)

Well what about it.
3 posts today, ridiculous!!
And really nothing to tell.

I have discovered a love for bapao,
eat it now!

Today's outfit

Bought myself a jegging.
And well I like it =]

Where did the trees go?

My hair is blue, wooptidue!


Funny Fact:

These are freckles on my back.
Strange eh!

Made the picture for my home assignment.
Make a mobile that is inspired by your own body.
I think I will use this part of my body.


Strawberry jam

So, I'm in the 2nd round for the design academy.

My math grade made me happy!
My chem grade did not.
Getting physics back today, wondering...

Anyway, this is probably not very interesting to read.

The moment I laid my eyes on you, I loved you.
I miss you babe.

Damn you lookbook,
now I take too many pictures of myself.

Damn you!


Blue tuesday

How does it feel...


A little something something

Hair thing I made, last week I think.
Doesn't suit me very well, think it's more something for a 12 year old.
But ah well, sure it'll suit me sometime.

It's summer time!
Spring time, whatever.
Hayfever attacks daily, so watch out for dandelion bombs.

It's my friends birthday tommorow,
have no clue what to buy her really.
Think me and my babe will give her that dragon ball z wii game.
Pretty lame, though, she want it.

I'll be outside now,
building a bomb shelter for those damn dandelions.
Sunglasses will do I guess.

Have fun in the sun!


Mom, I love your closet.

Hey! my face for a change.

Today sucked major big time.
Chem test went ok though.
And the sun was great too.

I wish I was a train!
I wish I was a train!

What a coinsidense you noticed, I indeed do take a lot of pictures of myself.