Don't think I ever posted this picture

Link to lookbook: here

Came across it while looking for a self portrait to paint.
I haven't posted this on my blog before, have I?
Ah well, I still like it, so I thought I might put it up.
Haven't got any new anyway, way to busy haha.

So now, I'll be off painting *ugh, bleh, bloe, blaaahh* again.


Nog steeds grijs.

'Nog stees grijs' means still grey.
Another school assignment.
We had to make all kinds of stuff from textiles.
In the end, a not very pleasant surprise,
we had to cut them up and make something new of it.
So this is my 'thing'. It's a cut tree trunk.
You get the idea, growing, the lines, etc.
I choose the title 'Nog steeds grijs' since, I am still grey.
Myself, neither my work or the city I live in are finished.

After thinking of the title we had to take a photograph with that ambience.
This is what came out. I guess I'm pretty satisfied.
What do you think, does it suit the title?



Just some school assignment gone wild with Mon & Buie.
Welcome to the shack.