I've got red hair

1 none blond.
I've joined the ginger team.


School blog

Hello sweet readers

Got a different blog for a school assignment
-oh I'm sorry I forgot the adres hahaha, well here it is: http://lesson-to-learn.blogspot.com/ -
This will still be my personal blog!

And I will still try to post more but I'm terribly busy with school.


Pan's labyrinth

Mister Ringading

Went shopping in Antwerp yesterday.
Or actually a school museum excursion with some shopping time.
Was fun.
I shall post an outfit post later.

But now, no time to waste (on typing).
I got to start working, for real.
Get clay, do groceries, make homework.
Hey Ho, let's go!



Model: Iris Valckx
Photographer: Kayleigh S.

Make-up & Clothing test for intro camp.


Finally vacation!

Last day of school today.
I got my 'propedeuse' yay!
Made it through the whole year.

Tomorrrow a bbq with my classmates.
Today a chillin' next to the school, drinking some beer and playing around with henna.
Waiting for the results of the evaluation.
Most of us made it!


My Name?

Well, well, well.
An outfit post.

Have I told you that that foals concert I went to a little time ago was great?
It was.

I'm free from school today, feel like running around town.
But I got to work work work.



Flash thing I had to compose for school. Click on the tiny jellyfish.



Here's the second photograph.
This is Iris.

I feel so tired.
Feel like watching a very stupid movie and just sleeping.

I'm looking forward to Tuesday!
I'm going to see Foals.


Changing Lanes

Hello, hello,

What an awful blogger I am.
Never posting anymore, and mostly no interesting post

The photograph above is for a school assignment.
Your going to see 2 or 3 more that I made.
This is the only one of me.

I'm happy when vacation starts.
My life has solely been school.
I love it, but I'm ready for a big break.



First of all I'll answer the questions:

why did you start blogging?
I think I haven't started blogging for one specific reason. It's several combined.
Few of them are:
I like blogs, so I wanted to see if I could create a good one too.
I think it's a good way to spread my work or show it to people I don't see very often.
Also, I like playing around with clothing and photographing myself in a way that brings the clothing out more.
So I guess those are some reasons...

What made you interested in fasion?
I don't know what triggered me. I've always liked dressing up.
When I was a kid I used to dress up with my friend and play.
But then I dressed as a tiger or a fairy. That kinda didn't end until I was 17 haha.

How long you with Timo?
2 years and 5 months

Where you had met him?
We met at bredabarst. This is a free festival in the Netherlands.
He didn't even speak to me that night haha

Heb je het naar je zin tijdens je studie?
Jazeker, heb wel het idee dat ik op mijn plekje zit! Welke richting ik uiteindelijk ga kiezen weet ik nog niet. Gelukkig kunnen we heel makkelijk wisselen.

Is het zwaar?
Jep, het is zeker zwaar. Ik zit elke dag van 9.00 tot 22.00 op school. In het weekend kan ik meestal alleen op vrijdag avond iets doen. Hopelijk word dat iets minder de komende jaren.

Wat moet je zoal doen?
Verschilt heel erg in welke kompas richting je zit. Er zijn er in totaal 4. In het eerste jaar wisselt het om het kwartaal om. Als eerste had ik Atelier. Daar had ik de vakken: schilderen, tekenen, tactiliteit (textiel), (zelf)reflectie en vormonderzoek. Bij vormonderzoek moesten we kleien, de preciese opdracht is een beetje moeilijk uit te leggen. Als tweede had ik Forum. Hierbij had ik de vakken: vormstudie, hierbij moesten we een beeld maken voor een held (naar eigen keuze). architectuur, tekenen en research. Bij research deden we een onderzoek naar hygiene, op het einde maakte je een product om dit te verbeteren. Nu ben ik bezig met Lab. Op het moment heb ik de vakken: Metaal, waar we een metale stoel moeten maken. Hout, waar we een houten stoel moeten maken. Technische tekenen. 3Dvorm, waar ik een zonnebloem estetisch moet weergeven. En tot slot engeneering, hiervoor heb ik tegeltjes moeten maken. Nu ben ik daarbij bezig om een theepot te maken. Dit moet met gietklei, dus eerst een mal etc.
Hierna krijg ik nog een kompas richting, markt.
Buiten dit hebben we ook nog introductielessen in de richtingen die we volgend jaar kunnen kiezen. Ook hebben we instructies in bijv. photoshop, solidworks, flash en fotografie.

When did you gain interest in your style?
Kind of answered this in the second question.

Well I hope I have answered the questions to your liking!
If you want to know more, ask me.

I also made a bracelet recently:
The necklace was for a school assignment.

Link to lookbook: here

Sorry for the hugeness of that image haha.


Milk or Sugar

Link to lookbook: here

Yay, finnaly got these awesome shoes!
And the coat I've been wanting to show you for ages.
Still love it, and still needs a proper picture.

Ow and I've been thinking to do a little Q&A.
So if you have any questions, comment.
I'll answer.
Not expecting to get many tough haha.

Have a nice evening!


Well, hello

Long time no see.

Quick update:
I made it through my last quarter of school!
Yay! The next one is supposed to be even busier.
So I'm sorry for not posting, but I'm way to busy.
Me and my babe are still together! For ages now.
I love it.
A new outfit post hehe.

Link to lookbook: here

Bought those shoes for just 5 euros.
Damn cheap.
They walk like shit and are one size to big.
But hey, they're pretty!
The bag came out of my moms bag's bin.
She has the largest old suitcase thing filled with all kinds of bags.
It never disappoints you.
Shirt/dress is an old one from H&M.
And well the tights, no clue.

Oh and well sorry for the crappy photograph,
not well equipped at my moms anymore haha

That's all folks.



Another school thing.
We had to create something with a t-shirt.
The concept is that power eats you or
"losgeslagen macht verzwelgt je"
Sounds way lame in English haha.
So well, tada. Pretty happy with the end result.
And thanks to my babe for the photographs.
Yhea, and the best picture is pretty small. Sorry guys.
You're just not gonna see more of that haha


Sweet Iris

Sweet Iris from Kayleigh S.

This is a movie Kayleigh made for school. I like the dreamy soundtrack. But dislike the fonts at the ending titles hehehe.. She made it for her Adobe Premiere practicum.

She is too busy shredding a tee, so that's why I am posting this.



I love you bebe


What the hell did I think about before you

Maybe a bit late but Happy New Year all!
The two top pictures are from my new years eve.
My babe and I went to Berlin was lots of fun and relaxing!
Might make a post of it later...
I love it how happy Timo looks in the second picture haha

Below a bracelet I made for school quite a while ago.
It's a crappy photograph and the upper knot is twisted.
Really need to photograph a lot of school stuff soon.
I also made the shirt I'm wearing,
you can't really see it either though..

Oh and I forgot something!
I was in the in your face section of Blend magazine.
Nice surprise!