A little something something

Hair thing I made, last week I think.
Doesn't suit me very well, think it's more something for a 12 year old.
But ah well, sure it'll suit me sometime.

It's summer time!
Spring time, whatever.
Hayfever attacks daily, so watch out for dandelion bombs.

It's my friends birthday tommorow,
have no clue what to buy her really.
Think me and my babe will give her that dragon ball z wii game.
Pretty lame, though, she want it.

I'll be outside now,
building a bomb shelter for those damn dandelions.
Sunglasses will do I guess.

Have fun in the sun!


  1. "Have fun in the sun!" - Oh yes, i have the best sun here in brazil! xp

  2. Hoe krijg jij je haar zo shiny? Ik heb t ook ns wit gehad, mr ik had het idee dat t van mij er echt dood uit zag xD. Ook al was het kort, zo a la Agyness Deyn (met die lok enz.)

  3. Die komt me bekend voor ^^) Leuk :) Xx Zsuzsi