Have spent the most of the last week of vacation with timo in Amsterdam.
Studying mostly, since exams are coming up.
Traveling trains with the heaviest bag ever.
My back is crooked.

Bought some new clothes too, finally.
2 shirt/small dresses & one mini skirt.
Wooptidoo! The shirt in the picture is one of them.
It has a very low back. Which I love.
I'll take a decent picture of it all soon ;)

Seen Beirut, Laura Marling and Andrew Bird too.
Beirut was just awesome, although we had some trouble with a ticket.
To bad we missed nantes.
Laura Marling seemed to have a bad night or something.
She looked as if something terrible had just happened.
Or she was just insecure, majorly.
Her voice still sounded lovely though.
And Andrew Bird is genius.
He can play a violin and sing in the exact same tone.
He can tap on the xylophone and whistle in the exact same tone.
Also, there was this weird, double megaphone thing behind him,
which spinned, fast and slow. It made some surprisingly nice sounds.

One other AWESOME-O thing. I got an Ibook G4!
From my boy's boss. What an epic boss he has!

That was all,
Goodnight folks!
-wrote this last night but couldn't get it online-


  1. haha, ja, we hebben elkaar wel ontmoet op girlscene, nu op blogspot, lookbook maar ook toen jij mij vroeg om je blog bij www.iloveblogs.tk te zetten. en ik kwam je ook al tegen op deviantART geloof ik. tjonge, wat is de wereld toch klein :D

  2. From what I see, the shirt is really pretty!
    And the lipcolor compliments your skin tone and hair color well..
    Alma from fshnaddict.wordpress.com