Lavenders green, dilly dilly, Lavenders Blue

Je suis un petit hibou.

Yes, I as well am a victim of the maxi skirt.
I like it, my babe hates it.

The day I wore this it was so warm. In the break at school we sat on the square and people had built little wooden airplanes. They started to throw them out on the fifth floor of our school. It was a pretty sight. Hovering airplanes and a blinding sun.
Hope you had nice sunny days as well.
Today me and my babe spent quite some time standing on my balcony, enjoying the warmth and hoping that my homework would dry sooner haha.
Now, it's time for ice cream.


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  1. Looking good! I am always happy when I see a new post on your blog. I kind of miss the time that you posted every week. But of course I get that you have a lot of school work, so I don't blame you haha. Anyway, thanks for your awesome blog!